PRINCETON (WVNS) – Small business startups can either succeed at the highest rate or fail very fast. The reality is, businesses come and go, but some are on track for lifetime success- and Wild Roots Coffeehouse in Mercer County is beating the statistics.

Formerly known as Appalachian Coffee House, Wild Roots Coffeehouse is located in Princeton on Mercer Street.

Grabbing a quick cup of coffee isn’t the only thing this business offers. All around the shop there are many pieces of art and scenes of greenery.

The distinction between this coffee shop and many others is the atmosphere. Unlike other coffee shops, Wild Roots Coffeehouse offers an environment that can be considered tranquil.

While other businesses are sadly failing, you can thank the atmosphere and healthy alternatives for keeping them in the race.

Angie Conrad, Owner of Wild Roots Coffeehouse, said in comparison to bigger coffee chains, her shop provides a different environment.

“The environment here just feels cozy, and I like to create spaces with the music and the seating arrangements where it feels inclusive and people feel welcomed in this space,” said Conrad.

Local products are what attracts local residents to come out. To many, coffee is culture, and culture breathes through the shop. An example of this is their signature drink called Mountain Mama. 

While some small businesses are stuck in one location, Wild Roots Coffeehouse is expanding in a unique way. A mobile coffee cart is in the making to expand further in the community. Service is not bound to just one location, but will eventually be brought to you.

Conrad described the secret to success as trying to be as consistent as possible.

“I do feel like consistency is what may have helped me arrive here. Just showing up when it’s hard and when it’s easy, when it feels good, and when it doesn’t feel good,” said Conrad to 59News.

Small business start ups come and go, but the ones that stay open attract many people to come and enjoy their products. Wild Roots Coffeehouse is an example of a small business that caters to the community and will stick around for a while.