Princeton, WV (WVNS) – With temperatures expected to be cold across the mountain state for the next several days, it is a reminder for folks to be mindful of their surroundings. This is especially true during winter weather where you can get snow, sleet and icy conditions.

Keith Gunnoe is the director of the Mercer County Office of Emergency Management. He said while the past few winters haven’t produced as much snow as normal, there are other dangers to be aware of.

“We’ve been getting a good bit of ice in the past several winters, not as much snow but ice. So with that a type of event we have typically power losses for sometimes hours or even days,” Gunnoe said.

These conditions form when the surface reaches the freezing point for water, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and this, in turn, causes roadways to be slick. Gunnoe added icy roads can often be hard to spot.

“When the temperature gets really cold, you get this thin layer of ice on the road, but the road doesn’t look wet,” said Gannoe. “The roads look like dry pavement, but it’s a thin layer of ice. Bridges and overpasses are huge to have black ice events on them.”

That is why it is important before the winter season to get your vehicle serviced and ensure everything is in good condition.

No matter the weather, Gunnoe urged safety is a top priority and if you do not feel comfortable driving, stay off the roads.

“If you don’t feel comfortable out driving and if you don’t need to be out driving if we have a bad winter weather event, stay in,” added Gunnoe. “Stay in because you’re far safer bring that way.”