CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – It turns out that West Virginia is the second most sleepless state in the nation, according to the United Health Foundation’s recent rankings.

The study conducted by addiction specialists at Diamond Rehab Thailand analyzed the latest data from the United Health Foundation’s American Health Rankings to see which states had the highest percentage of adults who reported sleeping, on average, fewer than seven hours a night.

It found that Hawaii is the most sleepless state in the US, with 39.4% of adults sleeping less than seven hours in a 24 hour period. Of those aged 45-64, 41.9% reported inadequate sleep, the highest of all age groups in the study.

Coming in a close second place is West Virginia, where 39.2% of adults reported insufficient sleep. While 44.5% of those aged 45-64 reported a lack of sleep in the study, only 30.1% of adults aged over 65 said the same in the state.

The data for every other state can be seen below:

RankStatePercentage of adults reporting insufficient sleep
2West Virginia39.2%

Kentucky takes third place on the list, with 38.6% of adults reporting less than seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period on average.

A spokesperson for Diamond Rehab Thailand commented on how critical quality sleep can be.

“It’s essential to understand how critical sleep is to the most basic of functions in the human body and how much of a risk factor insufficient sleep can be for disease. One of the causes for poor mental and physical health is a lack of sleep. With socioeconomic factors impacting our everyday such as the cost-of-living crisis, it can be estimated that these overall percentages will rise.”

Diamond Rehab Thailand Spokesperson

This study was conducted by Diamond Rehab Thailand, a respected drug & alcohol rehab in Thailand that will provide the tools, guidance, and expertise needed to make a life-changing transformation.