WHEELING, WV (WTRF) — Since taking office, President Joe Biden has taken a number of actions regarding climate change. But the goal to move to renewable energy is not sitting well with West Virginia Congressman David McKinley.

He explained to 7NEWS that he is working as part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to find new ways to use fossil fuels with less environmental impact rather than getting rid of them all together.

McKinley says taking away fossil fuels also takes income and jobs away from states, communities and families.

I’m not going to be allowed to be insulted by some federal official saying our people will build windmills and solar panels. That’s not gonna happen, we all know that, so don’t tell me that that’s the transition our coal miners are going to be to that.

Rep. David McKinley

Congressman McKinley also recently was part of a group to introduce bipartisan legislation that would accelerate the development of carbon capture, which helps reduce emissions.