PINEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — Another local school board decided about masks in their schools on Wednesday.

The Wyoming County Board of Education held a special meeting to decide their policy about masking up kids in the classroom. The board chose from five options ranging from no masks to masks required. After teachers and parents spoke at the board meeting and after a friendly debate, the board, on a vote of 4-1, chose the third option, which is to let parents decide if their kids wear a mask.

“We had some very articulate parents who came today to express their views. The discourse was very civil and positive and student oriented. We also had a teacher there, actually two teachers, one of them spoke,” said Wyoming County Superintendent of Schools Deirdre Cline.

Parents do have the option to change their minds on either option at any time, and the school board reserves the right to revisit the issue should a spike in cases happen in the county.