OCEANA, WV (WVNS)– One local business is giving back to the schools in Wyoming County.

EZ Stop stores held its annual kickoff event for Wyoming East and Westside football teams at their Oceana location.  The event is held the week before the rivalry game between the two schools. 

Kids could win prizes from T-shirts all the way to Marshall, WVU, and Virginia Tech football tickets.  This year’s event was expanded to include other varsity sports like volleyball and even the middle school football teams from around the county were invited.  Both head football coaches from Westside and Wyoming East believe the middle schools being there is a good way to interact with them and make a good impression.

“These young guys look up to these older guys.  Me as a coach, I stress that to our guys and I’m sure every other coach does too the way these older guys carry themselves the younger guys see it,” said Wyoming East Head Coach Jimmy Adkins.

“The middle schools are here and they look up to these guys.  To get around them and interact with them that just builds more chemistry for the future,” said Westside Head Coach Justin Cogar.

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