CINCINNATI, OH (WVNS) — A Wyoming County pharmacist is one of four people along with pharmaceutical distributor, Miami-Luken Inc., named in a federal indictment.

Devonna Miller-West was charged with conspiring to distribute controlled substances. She is the owner and operator of Westside Pharmacy in Oceana.

The three other people charged include Anthony Rattini, the Former President of Miami-Luken, James Barclay, the former compliance officer of Miami-Luken, and Samuel “Randy” Ballengee, a pharmacist who owned and operated Tug Valley Pharmacy in Williamson, Mingo County.

The federal indictment alleges pharmaceutical distributor, Miami-Luken, supplied pills to more than 200 pharmacies in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Tennessee. The indictment also alleges Rattini, Barclay, and Miami-Luken sought to enrich themselves by distributing millions of painkillers to doctors and pharmacies in Appalachia.

According to the indictment, Miami-Luken allegedly continued to supply millions of pills to Westside, Tug Valley, and other pharmacies after being advised by the DEA of their responsibilities as a wholesaler not to divert drugs for anything other than legitimate medical needs and to report suspicious drug orders.

The company allegedly filled suspicious orders placed by Miller-West, Ballangee, and others. Rattini, Barclay and Miami-Luken reportedly distributed more than 2.3 million oxycodone pills and 2.6 million hydrocodone pills to Miller-West’s pharmacy in a town of approximately 1,394 people.

The indictment also states that Ratinni, Barclay, and Miami-Luken regularly exceeded the internal threshold limit set for Miller-West, which was 6,000 dosage units of oxycodone per month. Reportedly, in March 2011, Ratinni Barclay, and Miami-Luken distributed 68,400 dosage units of oxycodone to Westside Pharmacy, which is more than 11 times the limit.

Miami-Luken is also accused of distributed more than 3.7 million hydrocodone pills to a pharmacy in Kermit, which is a town of 400 people.

Each of the defendants and Miami-Luken, Icnc., is charged with conspiring to illegally distribute substances.

Miller-West was reportedly arrested Thursday, July 18 by investigators with the Drug Enforcement Agency and Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.