Young women find passion in being volunteer firefighters


BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — At the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department, four young women are turning their passion for helping others into something more.

“Bringing people together and helping communities is a big thing for me,” said volunteer firefighter Bela Davis.

“It can be very difficult,” said volunteer firefighter Mikayla Green. “But at the end of the day, the reward that comes out of it, the smile on people’s faces and things like that… it pays out.”

For some of these women, being a volunteer firefighter isn’t just about a desire to help others. It’s about forming a closer bond with family.

Alexis Redden joined her father and brother as a volunteer firefighter. She said she grew closer to her family while working with them, but formed a bond with others at the station too.

“I grew up here, so I’ve constantly been around everyone that’s here,” Redden said. “It’s just kind of become like a second home to me.”

For Davis, it gives her a chance to have a unique relationship with her father most daughters don’t get.

“It’s such an incredible experience getting to be like dad,” Davis said. “‘I need your help over here…’ and him rushing over to you, helping you.”

In a demanding male-dominated field, it can be challenging to make your own mark. For these women, including volunteer firefighter Keaira Corriveau, gives them a sense of empowerment and sisterhood.

“Female firefighters… you don’t see that a lot,” Corriveau said. “To be able to see female firefighters doing a job that a man can do is just very empowering.”

Davis agreed, especially along the lines of their shared camraderie.

“Getting to come here and have these young ladies in my life, getting to communicate with each other and share experiences… it’s amazing,” said Davis.

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