ELEANOR, WV (WOWK) — The Mayor of Eleanor announced he pardoned “Ellie” the wild turkey that has been roaming town, delighting residents but also worrying them about the creature’s safety.

On Tuesday, Nov. 15 Mayor Cam Clendenin officially signed the proclamation declaring that the town’s goal is to keep Ellie healthy and happy while creating a plan to rescue her in accordance with wild animal laws.

The Mayor explained that Ellie brings smiles to locals’ faces as she roams the streets. Many people have taken videos and photos to share with others on social media.

It is because of the joy Ellie brings that the Mayor decided she will be allowed to roam the streets of Eleanor and be cared for by the townspeople.

“On November 15, 2022 at noon I have officially signed a proclamation to ‘pardon’ Ellie the Eleanor Turkey. Please continue to look out for her and care for her as she roams the streets of Eleanor.”

Mayor Cam Clendenin of Facebook

Mayor Clendenin’s full proclamation is below.

While Ellie brings joy to Eleanor’s residents, she also plays some jokes on them. On Tuesday, Rachel Sheridan sent 13 News a video of Ellie chasing Sheridan’s son at the bus stop one morning. Maybe Ellie was just trying to play a game of tag, but someone might have to explain to her that a game of “Duck, Duck, [Turkey]!” may go over better with the kiddos.

All in all, it seems Ellie is creating a special bond with citizens, making them laugh, smile, and appreciate small-town stories just like this one.