GHENT, WV (WVNS) — With clear skies and beautiful weather, what better way to enjoy your day than go horseback riding!

Horseback riding can be for everyone, from novice to professional riders alike. It’s relaxing, great for exercise, and you can enjoy a wonderful group outing with friends and family. The following are the top five locations to go horseback riding in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

New River Gorge – Horseshoe Creek Riding Stable – Hico, WV

Enjoy a one, two, or three hour beautiful trail ride at this stable. You can also enjoy staying half day, all day and overnight journeys all around the New River Gorge and the Gauley River. This stable also offers pony rides, carriage rides, and specialty rides by request.

New River Gorge – Cowboy Town – Hico, WV

Yeehaw! If you are feeling adventurous come ride like a cowboy on the beautiful winding trails to the top of Sewell Mountain. This stable is perfect for novice and intermediate riders. Transportation options to the top of Sewell Mountain are also available for those with limitations. You can also earn your scouting badge!

New River Gorge – Equestrian Adventures – Fayetteville, WV

With more than 25 years of horseback riding under their belt, This horseback riding experience is like no other. They lead private rides on more than 6,000 acres of trails in the sweeping, rugged New River Gorge National Park, where you can enjoy a beautiful day filled with wonders to unfold.

Pocahontas County – Shalimar Farm – Cass, WV

Local guide Jon Mullenax is a lifelong native of Pocahontas County and loves to share his horseback riding experience riding in the mountains, crossing rivers, identifying plants and animals and anything related to land and nature. Rides are rated on a scale. The lower the number, the easier the trail. This is the perfect opportunity to get out into nature and explore while horseback riding.

Snowshoe – Autumn Breeze Stables – Slaty Fork, WV and Russellville, WV

Interested in Western riding? This stable does Western trail riding all year round. Rides around this area include trail treks, 30-minute lake rides for young children, buggy rides, overnight adventures and when the weather permits it, beautiful scenic sleigh rides in the snow. Not only do you experience authentic trail riding, but you can learn a little bit of history riding on scenic mountain top views on pre-Civil War roads. You can also enjoy the gorgeous scenic views with animal sightings such as a bear!