CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Gov. Jim Justice reminded hunters that West Virginia’s buck firearms season will start Monday, November 21, 2022, and that they need to purchase their license and deer stamps before the season starts!

“West Virginia’s buck firearms season is an incredible time of year and one of the most exciting ways you can enjoy a hunting adventure and experience all of the outdoor goodness our beautiful state has to offer. Whether you’re a lifelong hunter like me or just getting started, I want to encourage you to get into the woods in the next two weeks and join the thousands of hunters who have helped make this special season one of West Virginia’s most beloved and time-honored traditions.”

Governor Jim Justice (R-WV)

Hunters in and out of state who want a chance to harvest an additional buck must purchase a Class RG or Class RRG stamp, respectively, at or at an authorized license retailer by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 20. The two-week season will open Nov. 21 and run through Dec. 4. For more information on hunting rules and regulations, check the 2022–2023 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary, available to download at

Gov. Jim Justice also announced the return of West Virginia’s Big Buck Photo Contest, which gives hunters an opportunity to share photos of their buck harvest for a chance to win prizes.

The contest is open to West Virginia residents and nonresidents and includes two divisions: a youth division for hunters 17 and younger, and an adult division for hunters 18 and older. Five participants from each division will win prizes.

To enter the contest, hunters must submit a photo with a buck they harvest during a 2022 hunting season along with a short account of their hunt. Submissions may be uploaded using the Big Buck Photo Contest entry form at Those entering must have a valid 2022 West Virginia Hunting License and will need to enter the 13-digit DNR-issued game check number for their bucks.

“Not only do West Virginia’s deer seasons provide quality outdoor recreation, they are incredible for our state’s economy and a major boost to our tourism industry. Our deer seasons attract thousands of out-of-state hunters and bring in millions of dollars in license and stamp sales and overnight bookings at our state park and forest facilities. I want to thank Gov. Justice for promoting our hunting seasons and outdoor recreation and making them such a big part of his administration.”

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Director Brett McMillion

Small game hunting is prohibited during the first three days of buck firearms season in all counties with a buck firearms season.