CHARLESTON, W. Va. –  People in West Virginia who want Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry  to resign now have a high tech way to tell him. House of Delegates member Andrew Robinson has launched an online petition that people can sign, urging Justice Loughry to step down.

“We’re going to have the petition out and everywhere, trying to get West Virginians to speak against this fraud and abuse of taxpayer money. So we’ll have it everywhere on social media and everything. It will be easily found,” said Del. Andrew Robinson, (D) Kanawha.

The controversy began over what critics are calling over-spending at the court on office renovations and furnishings. 

“Well this is an example of the lack of oversight. Had we had more oversight in state government, this should have never happened, never happened at all,” said Del. Shirley Love, (D) Fayette.

Then a state audit report this week said Justice Loughry improperly used state vehicles, and sought improper rental and mileage reimbursements on travel. Then Justice Loughry sent the auditor a letter, disagreeing with those findings. While many lawmakers are concerned, they think forcing Loughry out, goes too far.

“You know when we start calling for resignations and impeachments and all this type of thing, it has the feel of a political vendetta. As opposed to trying to fix a problem that is occurring in the state of West Virginia,” said State Sen. Mitch Carmichael, (R) Jackson – Senate President.

Justice Loughry was first elected in 2012.

.Voters will decide once and for all this November on a ballot referendum whether the State Legislature should take control of the Supreme Court’s budget,.

To view the petition click here: