With the countdown to Election Day on, the United Mine Workers of America are holding a rally in support of Senator Joe Manchin(D), in Morgantown, Monday.

The rally is being held at the West Virginia University Erickson Alumni Center.  Along with Manchin, UMWA President Cecil Roberts, UMWA Secretary-Treasurer Levi Allen and Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams are all expected to speak.

Ahead of the rally, Roberts released this statement:

“UMWA members, their families and their communities have no better friend in the U.S. Senate than Joe Manchin. He led the victorious fight to preserve our retirees’ health care last year, he fought to preserve our members’ jobs and their families’ way of life, and he is once again in the forefront of our struggle to preserve retirees’ pensions.  Joe comes from the West Virginia coalfields.  He knows us, he knows our families, he knows what concerns and problems we have, and he is a strong advocate for us every day in Washington. It is critical for every working family in West Virginia for Joe to stay on the job for us in the U.S. Senate.”