BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– It’s election season in the Mountain State, and with major issues like broadband access, population decline, and recent abortion legislature up for debate, there was a lot for candidates to discuss.

In the race for the House of Representatives first district, Democrat Lacy Watson promised to prioritize education, while incumbent Republican Congresswoman Carol Miller said she’s targeting government overspending and the effect on inflation.

“When we talk about international competition, and who we have to compete against as far as China and India, that means we have to have strong educational systems so that we can compete on the global scale,” said Watson.

“You go buy bacon, you go buy gasoline, you go buy lumber, all of these things the prices have risen and risen because of inflation, because of the out of control spending and not allowing business to do what it does,” said Congresswoman Miller.

Another prominent race is the State Senate 9th district race between former Democrat turned Republican Delegate Mick Bates, and the incumbent Senator Rollan Roberts.

“If you’ll look at this gray sheet of paper and insert, you will see where my opponent has been in recent years, and where he is right now, with the Raleigh progressives,” said Senator Roberts.

“We need to focus on the issues at hand and what we need to do together to move this state forward, and leave the tribalism somewhere else. It’s the extremes of the parties that are destroying this state, and this country,” said Bates.

And in the 44th district, which is mostly comprised of the city of Beckley, Democrats Tony Martin, a local business owner, and Mark Montgomery, a former history teacher, discussed how to best help Beckley’s youth.

“Creating community centers, so our kids can focus on activities, recreational activities beyond sports. That focus on the arts, science, technology,” said Martin.

“I don’t think we should leave anything out. No matter what it is. I know I didn’t. That’s what’s happened. And anything that people might feel in the past that was bad, let’s learn from that,” said Montgomery.