How wind chill affects how we feel

Raleigh County

We all know the mountains of West Virginia have much chillier conditions than most surrounding areas. This is just due to the fact that we are thousands of feet above sea level and the atmosphere is much thinner, drier, and colder.

Something that doesn’t come to mind as much when we think about the cold is the wind chill factor.

Wind chill is defined as the lowering of body temperature due to the passing of cold air. This means strong winds on a cold day can make your body feel colder than it actually is outside by a noticeable amount. 

A wind chill chart can help you can determine what the actual wind chill is at a certain time period as long as you know the current temperature and wind speed. 

If you are standing outside on a calm day where the air temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you are unaffected by the wind chill.

However, if there are 20 MPH winds on that same day, the wind chill makes your body feel like it is 17 degrees outside, which makes quite the difference!

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