BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Cindy Worley has dedicated her life to volunteering and community involvement. An active member of Beckley Events, Beckley Presbyterian Church, The Carpenter’s Corner and ReadAloud, she serves her community in almost every facet.

She says she learned to support people less fortunate from her father, and after a battle with a rare illness. She says her desire to help comes from something deeper.

“My dad was poor enough to need that kind of place when he was growing up and I’ve never figured out why I recovered from that illness like I did, nobody knows, the doctors did not know, but I did and it is my way of saying thank you,” Worley said.

Worley also does Public Relations work and volunteers with the Beckley Women’s Club, Community Choir and Beckley Concert Association. Despite her dedication to the entire Beckley community, she says some of her most impactful work is with Readaloud at a local elementary school, educating young children in the community. She also cooks meals for people in need at the Carpenter’s Corner in Beckley.

“When somebody comes to the Carpenter’s Corner and says I have not eaten in days and says god bless you, that means a lot and we even see families come up there with hungry children,” Worley said.

All of this effort may seem like a lot coming from one community member, but Worley says these organizations are able to serve their communities through volunteers just like her looking to make a difference.

“One thing people have to realize is groups like the Carpenter’s Corner, and Readaloud and Churches, they would not exist without volunteers, they could not do the work they do,” Worley said.