HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Isaiah Brown was a star athlete from Summers County. He was a friend, a brother, and a son. Isaiah was taken from the world too soon after he was killed in a car crash on Monday, April 13, 2020.

Erik Lindsey has been friends with Isaiah since seventh grade. He said he brought happiness to so many people.

“He always put that smile on every ones face and he always wanted to make sure no matter how bad he was going through it, or had stuff going on, he was always going to put a smile on every one’s face,” Lindsey said.

Brown was known for lighting up a room the second he walked in. His friends knew him as someone they could always count on, regardless of what he might have been going through.

“Isaiah could be going through anything and you could text him and he would be there in 10 minutes. He was the most selfless human I’ve ever met,” his long time friend, Abby Taylor, said.

Brown was an incredible athlete. He played football, basketball, and ran track and field for the Summers County Bobcats. His athletic abilities were beyond impressive, but it was the example he set both on and off the field that inspired his teammates. Kristin Ward has been friends with Brown since fourth grade and watched people change because of him.

“Even if you didn’t have the abilities that he had, he taught you to have the heart that he had, and how important it was to put everything you had into it on and off the field,” Ward said.

His determination pushed his peers to go the extra mile with everything they do in life. He was always the one doing the extra sprints after practice or doing that extra repetition in the weight room. Matt Ryan does not remember a time that him and Brown were not friends, and even though he is gone, the things he taught Ryan over the years will stay with him for life.

“He even instilled a lot of the work ethic I have today within the weight room and after a career in athletics. He has instilled a lot of that work ethic because he never stopped working, and if he had a goal he was going to pursue that goal with everything he had,” Ryan said.

He was not just loved by his friends and family, he was loved by the entire Summers County Community. He was a youth league sports coach and the kids had a soft spot for him.

“He had an effect on everyone he met, the kids here, every little kid loved Isaiah,” Tyler Turner said.

“He would be so inspiring to everyone no matter the age he loved little kids, he could talk to anyone,” Hannah Taylor said.

His friends all said he had a big heart. He did not care where a person came from or what their background was, he was going to treat them with the utmost respect.

“He cared about touching people no matter what their background was no matter their diversity and the biggest thing was how much he cared for those individuals,” Ryan said.

“He can pick the worst people in the world and still find something good about them,” Abby Taylor said.

Isaiah Brown may no longer be here, but the legacy he leaves behind is one that will stick with Summers County and the Mountain State for years to come.

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