GHENT, WV (WVNS) — The traditional West Virginia hot dog is a huge past-time in the Mountain State.

It is piled high with all the goodness of chili, slaw, mustard, and onions. This article breaks down each ingredient and show you why you have to try it if you have not already.



West Virginia hot dog chili, or as the natives call it, “sauce” is a strictly a meaty mixture. According to, one of the most famous hot dog chilis in the state is Custard Stand Chili, which can be found at one of the five Custard Stand Chili restaurants, in over one of 200 stores of the Mountain State, or you can get this tasty mixture from their website. This chili was even featured on the show Shark Tank!


This cabbage concoction, often chilled is a big part to the West Virginia dog. There are so many different variations to choose from too! Chum’s Hotdogs in Marmet has a more unique slaw made with yellow slaw, which is slightly sweeter, says


You have to put mustard on your dog. This is a given. While it may seem odd to add it on, it holds the dog together, also giving it a unique taste. explains that a restaurant called Super Weenie, located in Charleston, uses a spicy twist. This curry mustard, which is called super mustard, adds just the right amount of spice.


This is the last part to complete the West Virginia dog, leaving it with the perfect crunch when taking a bite. The Purple Onion, located in Capitol Market is a locally owned grocery store and provides some of the best homegrown onions for sprinkling on top of your dog, according to .