GHENT, WV (WVNS)– Are you considering getting a cat but never owned one before?

Here are five of the best cat breeds to look into to make your first cat experience a bit easier, according to Pets Radar.

#1 Ragdoll:

Ragdolls are very low-maintenance and affectionate cats. The gained their name from how they will go limp when picked up. Ragdolls are a mixture of Persians and Bermans, both very chill themselves. These cats are very laidback and loves cuddles, making them a great fit for families or new cat owners.

#2 Siamese:

Siamese cats are both cuddly and talkative. They have a very unique voice and are not afraid to use it. They are very affectionate and persistent, so if they want cuddles, they get cuddles. Also, due to their short coats, grooming them is hardly a chore at all, making one less thing to worry about as a new owner.

#3 Maine Coon:

Maine Coons are as big as they are gentle. These cats love families and are very social. They are gentle giants with a big personality, making them great with kids. They are non-aggressive but love to play and hunt. Due to their long coats, they need regular grooming; something to consider when thinking about getting yourself one of these gentle giants.

#4 Scottish Fold:

Both adorable due to their folded ears and easy-going nature makes this feline a great fit for new cat owners. Due to their adaptable nature, Scottish Folds can easily live in big houses with all kinds of people and other animals. They love being inside and snuggled up their owners too. They also have a cute little chirp that they do for attention and bond very quickly with their owners.

#5 Persian:

As mentioned before, Persians are very chill cats. They also are very striking for new owners due to their beautiful coats. They’re both easy on the eyes and very calm and love to lounge around. They are great with kids due to their chill personalities and can adapt better than other cat breeds. They don’t mind alone time, but they also love attention.

If you would like to check out a larger list of these furry felines, visit Pets Radar’s 13 best cat breeds for first-time cat owners and see which one works best for you.