WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVNS) — The Battle for the Springhouse Basketball Tournament at the Greenbrier concluded on Saturday, February 4th.

The tournament was held in the Greenbrier’s Colonial Hall Ballroom for the second time this year.

This was the first year men’s basketball teams participated.

For all the teams involved, these games don’t matter to their season’s record nor will they impact their team’s chances at making the playoffs.

Despite that, the head coach of Greenbrier East’s Girl’s Team, Governor Jim Justice, says winning isn’t the only goal of the tournament.

“I mean, this isn’t about how you play basketball entirely,” said Justice. “This is about growing in life and becoming a good citizen and becoming somebody that has ambition and enthusiasm in life. I kept telling my team here how we deal with adversity is what makes us in life.”

In addition, Governor Justice says he hopes all of the players will take much more away from the tournament than just the numbers they put on the stat sheet.

“These kids and this tournament, we all have to have people that are going to motivate us and moments in life we remember that motivate us, propel us to on and do greatness,” said Justice. “A lot of these kids will do that.”

Governor Justice says the future of the tournament looks bright and suggested a similar Division One college tournament could happen at the Greenbrier some day soon.

While the tournament is only two years old, the players might not have known they were using pieces of basketball history as hoops. Governor Justice says the hoops used for the tournament are the same goals once used by Michael Jordan at his home in North Carolina, which Justice purchased from Jordan himself years ago.