Beckley Babe Ruth Baseball reminded how precious the small things are


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Life over the last few months has looked a little different than our usual day-to-day. When you step into the stand or walk onto the diamond at Harry Lewin Field, there is still a sense of normalcy.

“This is the one place that still makes sense,” Jeffrey Leopardi, Vice President of Beckley Babe Ruth Baseball said.

Beckley Babe Ruth has given families something to look forward to during these uncertain times. Many say they are reminded of how precious these little moments are.

“People appreciate the baseball game. The sound of the pitch hitting the catchers mitt, the umpire calling a strike, or the ball getting hit off the bat,” Jeffrey said. “Even down to the hot dog they might get at the concession stand. Everything is appreciated again.”

The families are not the only ones happy to be on the field, so are the coaches. Antonio Leopardi is the Coach for Jan Care, and he is just glad they were able to have a season.

“We are glad to be out here playing ball. We’ve got our season rolling and it is going a lot better than expected,” Antonio said.

The players are also happy, especially the ones who had their middle school and high school seasons ripped from them. Logan Williams is a pitcher for Jan Care. He knew not having the season was not out of the question.

“I was scared we weren’t going to be able to play at all this year. We are out here playing and we are playing at other places,” Williams said.

The time these athletes get on the diamond are crucial for their development on and off the field.

“The most important thing is them getting reps and getting on the field, and still playing baseball and this is an opportunity for them to do that. That is where we are at and we are happy we could do that for them,” Antonio said.

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