GLEN DANIEL, WV (WVNS) — Dalton Radcliff can be seen at almost every Zion West Virginia Basketball game, cheering on his brother Cooper, and his teammates. Cliff Yates, the owner of Zion West Virginia Basketball told 59 News you can always find him in the gym.

“From the bleachers to the bench to the court, he is the number one supporter and I don’t think just for his brothers team I think of all the team,” Yates said.

Cooper Ratcliff, Daltons older brother, plays for the basketball team and has been playing the game since he was seven years old. For as long as Cooper can remember, Dalton has been at every single game.

“Dalton has been here through all my basketball career  supporting me at every single game him and my dad both never miss a game and hes always up there yelling for me..talking for me,” Ratcliff said.

Dalton has down syndrome, and Cooper said he has been beating the odds ever since he was born. 

“They said his life expectancy wasn’t even supposed to be where it is now and it is truly amazing to see how far he has come and how able he is to do the things that he loves,” Ratcliff said.

He loves a lot of different sports but one of his absolute favorites is basketball.

“He loves the game he loves to be around it, any part of it reffing, cheering, playing, he loves it all,” Ratcliff said.

Coach Yates gave Dalton the opportunity to put on a jersey and take the court. He took the court right next to his brother, with the community and teammates cheering him on, including the other team.

“I had heard he wanted to play and he never had the opportunity and we wanted to give him that platform and spot light to do something he loved to do,” Yates said.

For Cooper and his team, this was a moment they will never forget. Getting to see Dalton do something he loves. Dalton is a kid that loves sports and has not let his extra chromosome or his odds of success slow him down.