Peterstown Middle School Assistant Basketball Coach Travis Jackson is using his own experiences to teach the next generation of athletes in Monroe County. Jackson was a student-athlete at Peterstown High School during the late 1980s and early 1990s before going on to Virginia Tech to play for the Hokies. 

The 30th Annual Big Atlantic Classic is just the experience these young Peterstown players need. These kids have an opportunity to play on an iconic hardwood floor that has hosted legendary players, teams, and games throughout it’s 57-year history.

“Well, obviously, we don’t get a chance to play in a venue like this. It’s an historic venue here in Southern West Virginia,” Jackson said. “Anybody that has anything to do with basketball in this part of the state really appreciates this venue. We appreciate The Greenbrier and Beckley for hosting it… it’s a really good experience for these young kids to come over to the big gym and mix it up with people we don’t see on our regular schedule.”

For the Middle School players in Peterstown, this could be their only opportunity to play at this venue, but it’s something they’ll always remember. 

“Our kids tend to step up and play wherever, but it is quite a change from our small gym down in Peterstown,” Jackson said.

If they do ever get a chance to play here again, it would most likely be as a member of the James Monroe Mavericks, who also competed in this year’s Big Atlantic Classic. Of course, getting that opportunity, is what each of these kids hold in high regard.

“Absolutely, all the kids look up to their older brothers up at James Monroe and are looking forward to getting in to that program, in the future,” Jackson said.