NCAA Division I Council grants eligibility relief to spring sport athletes


The NCAA Division I Council has granted a waiver to allow additional eligibility for spring sport athletes. 

The council announced this decision Monday night, providing the option for eligibility relief to all spring sport athletes whose seasons were cut short by the COVID-19 outbreak. According to a statement, it will now be up to athletes and their athletic programs to determine the next steps. 

“The Council’s decision gives individual schools the flexibility to make decisions at a campus level,” M. Grace Calhoun, chair of the NCAA Division I Council, said in a statement. “The Board of Governors encouraged conferences and schools to take action in the best interest of student-athletes and their communities, and now schools have the opportunity to do that.” 

On March 13, one day after the NCAA canceled all winter and spring sport championships, the Division I Council Coordination Committee recommended that eligibility relief was “appropriate for all Division I student-athletes who participated in spring sports.” Seventeen days later, the decision to formally grant eligibility relief to effected athletes was made. 

This decision aligns Division I athletics with other, lower divisions that have already granted eligibility relief to spring sport athletes. 

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