PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — When people think of ping pong, they might associate the name with a game you played in college. 

Table Tennis is a very popular sport in more than 200 countries. The small racket league has been an Olympic Sport since 1988.

The public often associates the name with a college game, but a local team in Princeton wants to change that.

The Princeton Table Tennis League is a group of all ages that wants to reach out to their community.

“Many people think table tennis is a lost sport, well it’s not. We have a lot of people right here in Princeton that play and they are really good,” said Allan Tinio, a founder of the table tennis team.

The team is completely free to the public. Players like Tinio and Mencias have been playing for over a combined twenty years!

Both players have gained state titles through competitions and events. This weekend the team will travel to Kentucky for a national competition.

The goal of the league is to train beginners and to keep the community bright and active.

“We are doing outreach for the community. It keeps them out of trouble, keeps them busy and it’s free. So why not?” said Felixjomar Mencias, another founder of the team.

The team practices from 6pm until 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practice is held at the Salvation Army in Princeton. All ages and skill levels are encouraged to come out and participate.