PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Wrestling is an interesting sport; as much as it is an individual sport, it is also a team sport and Princeton Wrestling has shown this season is all about being a team.

Princeton wrestling had a great season with some very impressive team finishes including a second-place finish at the Graham Invitational, a fourth-place finish at the Larry Snuffer Slam, and a sixth-place finish at the Coalfield Conference Invitational. Coach Jeff Bowman said the teams are not done yet, but it is now up to them on how much further their season goes!

“As far as the team goes they are all improving. They are getting better. It is getting to that point and time of the year where it is crunch time. It’s learning or go home,” Bowman said.

The fate of the rest of the season for each wrestler will be decided at Regionals, which begins on Saturday, February 19, 2022, at Riverside High School.