This story from Dynasty Gymnastics and Cheer will put a new perspective on a cheerleader bringing joy to a crowd. Makara Taylor has been an athlete at Princeton’s local competition cheerleading gym for two years. She first showed interest after attending her big sister’s cheerleading competitions.

While she may be an athlete, she brings a lot more to the gym then just a competitive mentality. Allana Taylor, Makara’s sister and Dynasty Cheerleader said, “It’s awesome to see her do things that most people would expect her not to be able to do, and its good that she can defy those expectations of her.”

This 11-year-old cheerleader was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth, but this fireball has not allowed that to slow her down. Megan Belcher, Dynasty Gymnastics and Cheer Owner said she has been a part of the Dynasty Cheer family for two years now competing on the Special Needs Individual Team.

“She was a little bit nervous at first but the individual she does on the floor for a minute and a half, she does a routine all by herself, so she tumbles, she dances, she jumps all by herself. She usually wins everybody heart so she usually comes out on top for first place” Belcher said.

While she embraces all of the same activities as her peers, she does carry shining qualities that differentiates her from the other kids at the gym. 

“She is so much fun, she always brings a smile to everybody, she is always running around hugging and high fiving, and never really has a bad day and if you’re having a bad day she makes it that much better because she’s always in such a good mood,” Belcher said.

While many might say she grabs the attention of the crowd when performing, her family has a much deeper reaction to her routine.

“We cry almost every single time just because even though we know what she’s going to do, we’ve seen it a million times, it’s just she’s so happy and enthusiastic about it. It’s heart warming to see her do it, so yeah we’re very supportive of her,” Taylor said.

As for what is next, you can catch Makara in Gatlinburg, TN on May 4, competing in the Eastern Cheer Nationals.