It’s a common refrain from sports announcers any time something improbable happens: “You couldn’t write a script like this.”

Or maybe you can.

That’s at least the contention from former Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster, who said during the latest episode of his podcast Macrodosing that the NFL is actually rigged, with players receiving “scripts” at their lockers during training camp every year.

“That’s what practice was about—it was about practicing the script … It’s like WWF—we know what’s going to happen, but you’ve still got to put on a show,” Foster said.

If it’s not apparent the average listener, it’s safe to say that Foster gave his account with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Current NFL players quickly joined in on the fun, though, lobbing posts on Twitter about various happenings from this NFL season—and in years past—that were simply the product of the script they were given.

Check out some of the best reactions of the bunch below.