PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers opened Week 12 with some stunning news - that they had let go of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, a move that many had been calling for in weeks and years prior. 

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the decision, one which he claims to have made alone and without the input of the front office, and explained why he felt it was time to move on from Canada. 

“This is a result-oriented business and, to be short, the improvements were not rapid enough or consistent enough for us to proceed," Tomlin said. "You got to score touchdowns in this business, you got to win games in this business and just the totality has us where we are today.”

Tomlin added that he did not take this decision lightly, saying he has respect for Canada as a person and professional. He also said that he prefers to accept blame for the team's struggles personally, but that in this situation, the firing was necessary. 

Tomlin also said that there were a number of reasons why the Steelers decided to dismiss Canada, one of which was their most recent offensive performance against the Browns in Cleveland. The Steelers gained just 259 total yards in a 13-10 loss to their intra-divisional rivals. 

“There’s a lot of layers to it, obviously," Tomlin said. "Our most recent performance, a component of it. But I just think you know when you’re there to be blunt and short about the answer. Again, not saying that flippantly. Not taking the situation lightly at all but just having been in the role I’ve been in for some time, you just know when you’re there and do this at the totality of a myriad of variables.” 

He went on to say that this move doesn't change the Steelers' goals for this season. They are still focused on picking up a critical win over the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend and will not judge starting quarterback Kenny Pickett differently, either. 

“Talked to the staff very transparently this morning," Tomlin said. "We’re not grading on a curve. We’re excited about this week. We’re singularly focused. We’re excited about meeting our players and displaying our readiness for them tomorrow." 

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