PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are not making a move at quarterback this week, naming Kenny Pickett the starter in Week 12 against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Pickett has struggled in recent weeks and reached a low in Week 11 against the Cleveland Browns, throwing for just 106 yards. In the last five games, he's thrown just one touchdown, and since taking over as the starter last season, has thrown just 13 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. 

Still, head coach Mike Tomlin said Pickett will remain the starter moving forward. 

"This guy will do any and everything and he works extremely hard," Tomlin said. "I just saw him a few minutes ago in the building. There's such thing as football justice, man. Those guys usually get what they're looking for."

Now, despite the team moving on from Matt Canada as offensive coordinator, the Steelers are not changing their expectations for their quarterback. And when they evaluate Pickett's performance at the end of the season, they will not use the offensive coordinator change as a reason to "grade on a curve."

What Tomlin wants to see from Pickett and the offense without Canada is simple. 

"Looking to win," Tomlin said. 

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