BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – According to new research, sports related injuries have declined 30% since 2017.

According to, every year, nearly 2 million school-age children, teenagers and young adults are injured playing sports. However, sports are getting safer. In the last five years, data shows that sports-related injuries are becoming less common.

More people are injured in team sports like football and basketball than in individual sports like tennis. Basketball has the most injuries overall, but the number of injuries varies with each age group. Football is the most dangerous sport for children ages 5 to 14, while basketball has the highest number of injuries among people ages 15 to 24.

Sports-related injuries have declined over the last several years. Football, baseball, basketball and soccer injuries have each decreased by more than 30% since 2017. Skateboarding is the only sport where we found an increase in the number of injuries. There has been a 104% increase in skateboarding-related injuries since 2017.

The number of people injured while playing football is declining, but football is still the most dangerous sport by far. Quotewizard found that people were three to four times more likely to be injured playing football than in other sports.

Concussions in sports are also extremely common. The CDC estimates that around 4 million athletes will get a concussion every year. High-impact sports like football and hockey have substantially higher percentages of concussions than others. Despite what some may think, football does not have the highest rate of concussions. Hockey has the highest rate of concussion-related injuries, followed by snowboarding and football.