FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — The calendar says it’s April despite what our meteorologists have to say about it.

The sounds of ski season fade and the roar of the rushing New River fill the ears of the adrenaline fueled adventurers in the Mountain State. Executive Director of the Fayetteville Visitor Center Tabitha Stover said spring tourism season is off to a strong start.

“We’re already seeing people kind of coming earlier than usual, even just with the national park designation in the word getting out more than it is a national park and people kind of learning a little bit more like this is pre-season and time to sneak in without the crowds.”

Tabitha Stover -Executive Director, Fayetteville Visitor Center

While West Virginia has several “If you’re brave enough” adventures, white water rafting in the spring pushes envelope a little more. Sure, April average high temperatures run in the 50s but we can see 70s followed by snow showers from one day to the next. Rob Carpinelli of Ace Adventure Gear said having the right equipment is key in tackling early season rafting.

“Wet suits are designed to get wet and keep you warm. So a lot of time rafting, you end up getting splash, that type of stuff. So you end up going with a wetsuit as well as something similar to that with the splash tops,” said Rob Carpinelli, Manager, Ace Adventure Gear

It’s also important to look at what river you are planning on rafting this early if you are looking for warmer waters. Carpinelli said: “Yes, the new would be the best around our area in terms of not getting cold. If you end up on the Gauley, the Gauley is a dam released river so all the water for the Gauley ends up coming out of the bottom of the lake.”

The nice thing about April is that it does get warmer, days get longer, and the scenery gets greener. Giving early season rafters less crowded rivers to enjoy spring in Appalachia. And for those looking to get new gear for the rafting season, Ace Adventure Gear is ready and waiting. They are located at 239 North Court Street in Fayetteville just off U.S. 19. To see their inventory and sales visit their website.

To find out what events are happening at the Fayetteville Visitor Center or a list of fun activities to do while visiting the area, head over to the visitors center website. You can also stop by their office located at 310 North Court Street in Fayetteville. Or call 304-574-1500.