LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — The largest scale baseball tournament the City of Lewisburg hosted to date kicked off on July 17, 2021.

For the first time, Lewisburg played host to the West Virginia State little league tournament. The weeklong tournament kicked off on July 16 with a home run derby. There to throw the first pitch was Governor Jim Justice, and Central Greenbrier’s Sam Roshau was there to catch it.

“It was fun I mean I was a little scared at first,” said 12-year-old Roshau, “it hurt my hand a little bit honestly.”

Eight teams met in Lewisburg, seven district winners and the host, Central Greenbrier.

With friends and family lining the fences to cheer them on, Roshau said that is all just an added bonus.

“I am excited that it is my home town especially, I don’t have to go anywhere, I get to sleep in my own bed,” said Roshau.

While Beckley are the division champions, the host division gets to send two teams. Central Greenbrier earned the spot, and they tried to ride the momentum through the tournament.

“It is definitely going to be a challenge but I think we can pull it off,” said Roshau.

In a hard fought battle, Central Greenbrier fell in the first game 13-3 against St. Albans. But they get a second chance in the redemption bracket, as they take on Summersville on July 18.

And while the final score is not what the kids wanted, their friends and family were proud of how hard they worked to get there.

“We are doing our best out here to see him play and they are working hard,” said Judah McCutcheon, Brother of Central Greenbrier’s Gideon McCutcheon.

“It’s just really great to watch him do what he loves and getting to compete against all these different places,” said Esther McCutcheon, Gideon’s sister.

The Beckley All Stars took the diamond right after, taking on Barboursville. Coach Jamie Wilhite said for a lot of his guys, this is their first time in a tournament this big, and the most important thing is keeping them focused.

“We play our game, I think we can compete with anybody. Ultimately, you need a break here and a little bit of luck here and hopefully that is on our side,” said Wilhite.

Beckley lost their first game 6-5. They got a second chance in the consolation bracket, taking on Shinnston on July 18.