This could be the most expensive Super Bowl ever

The Big Game

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW/WDAF) — The Super Bowl is on track to be the most expensive game in history. For reference, you could buy 12 season tickets to see the Chiefs for the price of one ticket to the big game.

Wichita-based travel agencies say they’ve received many calls with fans trying to find the best deal to get to Miami without spending a fortune.

“We have a package with a four nights hotel stay in Fort Lauderdale and we will be shuttling back and forth to Miami for the Super Bowl,” said Kyle Filiatreault with Village Travel. “We will give a fan experience and some really neat things with that.”

The average Village Travel tour is $1,600 or more and you also will have to purchase a flight. Then, there’s a ticket to the big game. That could run you nearly $5,000 at least according to Village Travel.

On SeatGeek, an online ticket platform, the average resale price of a ticket is currently $6,232, but the price has been even higher than that.

“We know not everyone is going to be able to go, but it’s a big-time for our state and for the Kansas City Chiefs fans,” said Filiatreault. “It may be next year, it may be never again in your lifetime.”

Chiefs Fans are spending their money on more than just tickets, though.

Sales for gear have increased since the big win on Sunday and fans have been lined up at retailers to get the newest shirts, hats, and more.

“Hopefully they win the Super Bowl and it’ll be a big moment for all the fans,” said KeeKee Taylor, Chiefs fan.

Some are reflecting on this moment 50 years ago — the last time the Chiefs played in the big game.

“The Minnesota Vikings,” said Lonnie Falcon, Chiefs fan. “They played a dang good game that time.”

Some companies are offering discount options for members, including AAA.

Eisenhower National Airport officials said they are working with airlines to see if there is a need to increase flights from Wichita to Miami.

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