BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS)– The Battle of the Bluefields is coming up, and one of the area’s biggest rivalry games is expected to have an equally large impact on the local economy.

The legendary Bluefield Graham game is coming up on Friday, August 25, 2023, and the people of both Bluefields are rallying behind their teams for the matchup. However, this game is much more than just a rivalry game, it is one of the largest events in the area and makes a big impact on the community.

Lori Stacy, the Communications Director and Town Clerk for Bluefield, VA, stated the local businesses will see an influx of customers coming from the game.

“Our drive throughs are slam packed full of folks trying to get something to eat. We have a print shop, Venture Printing down in Bluefield Virginia, and they have almost cleared out the shelves with all the different game merch that you can buy.”

Lori Stacy, Communications Director and Town Clerk for Bluefield VA