GHENT, WV (WVNS) — The MLB brings in a new lineup of rule changes designed to improve game pace and to increase action for the 2023 season

According to officials with Major League Baseball (MLB), there will be a pitch timer, restrictions on defensive shifts, and bigger bases will make ambitious changes in the rules of modern baseball.

However, the rules will not be added in the World Baseball Classic for a more traditional game.

New Rules:

  • Pitch Timer – though the length of games will still be determined by innings, the timer will create a crisp pace to pitching by allowing 30 seconds between batters. There will be less time between pitches by having the pitcher begin motion 15 seconds after receiving the ball with empty bases, and 20 seconds with runners on base.
  • Shift Restrictions – The defense must have four players on the infield, with two infielders on either side of second base. This is intended increase batting averages and allow infielders to showcase their athleticism in a better way.
  • Bigger Bases – the bases (with the exception of home base) will be increased from 15 inches to 18 inches on each side. This is designed with safety in mind, so that players can have more room to operate without running into one another.

Though these new rules might seem like a curveball at first, time will tell if the change will be an out or a homerun for the game!