Fairlea, WV (WVNS) — Outside of war-time and the COVID-19 pandemic, the state fair is an annual tradition here in West Virginia. Without fail, at least in the eyes of the residents of the mountain state, every time the fair is on…it rains. It makes sense that it would, it’s the middle of August which is known for heat and humidity, which usually is followed up by pop-up showers and thunderstorms.

But the question still remains. Does it really rain EVERY time the State Fair is on? The answer is no, at least in the past 30 years there has been one State Fair where it didn’t rain once back in 2002. But if you look at the past 30 years as a whole you would likely be more inclined to say yes, since during the other 29 years at least a tenth of an inch of rain or more was recorded.

Taking all the numbers and creating a ‘climatology’ of sorts for the state fair, odds are we’ll see some rain at some point during the fair. To be specific, on average 3.7 days of the fair will see rain with 1.15″ of rain falling during that time. From a scientific standpoint yes, it is more likely to rain during the fair than to not. But as proven in 2002, you can go the whole nine days of the fair without seeing a drop.