GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — With as many as 40 thousand people a day passing through The State Fair of West Virginia, medical personnel must be prepared to deal with any issue.

If you have a medical emergency while at the fairgrounds, do not panic.

The first aid station at the state fair of West Virginia is stocked with medical supplies, and beds, and has ambulances and paramedics on standby at all times.

“We have an ambulance that’s here on the grounds and paramedics, EMTs, and if you need something we’re pretty fast if we have to be. And the hospital is only less than a quarter mile away so that makes it pretty handy,” said Ed Swepston, the Director of First Aid for The State Fair of West Virginia.

The State Fair of West Virginia even has its own mobile 9-1-1 center right on the grounds, making sure they are ready to respond to medical issues anywhere on the grounds as quickly as possible.