FAIRLEA, WV (WVNS) – For those parents who are trying to find events to do with the kids, the Farm to Food Pavilion at the West Virginia State Fair has exactly what you need.

Tammy Lindsay & Taylor Powers, an employee and volunteer respectively both work at the pavilion and they offer ways for kids and adults to have fun.

Not only are these activities engaging, but they give both parents and kids a way to stay active across the state fair.

“We have a cow, a simulated cow back here that we milk so they can go up around and see the milking center…sorry birthing center and they also have a milking cow too” Lindsay says.

Powers adds on that ” “We use these little things called passports where we would have kids go out to different stations in the fair and we take them to each station.”

They offer all kinds of activities including gardening practices, using farm equipment, and even learning about the life cycle of several animals. Its the perfect way to enjoy the state fair especially when it rains outside.