FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– Community members make saving lives their priority. Residents in Fayette County received free Narcan to hopefully help save a life.

Volunteers spent their day Saturday, May 1, 2021, handing out free narcan to people in Fayette County. Fayette County suffers from a big drug problem. Volunteers hope by hosting this event, they can help fight this problem.

Destini Williams is the Co-Chair of the Intervention and Recovery Committee for the Fayette County Substance Abuse Coalition.

“Its friends, its neighbors, its community members that may come across someone who is in the middle of an overdose so that we can help lower that, the number of overdose deaths,” Williams said.

According to Williams, from 2019-2020 there were around 45-percent of overdose deaths across the state. There were nine locations across the county where people could be trained on how to use Narcan, a life saving drug for those experiencing an overdose. They also taught people how to recognize the signs of an overdose.

“But they will leave here educated and comfort enough to administer the narcan whenever,” Williams continued.

Kelsie Honaker is a volunteer. She said this event is important, since everyone knows someone battling addiction.

“Everyone knows that there is such a bad epidemic going on, and it’s just crazy, we just want to help everyone get it out there and anybody can have it you just come up here and sign a little paper and take it home with you. You never know everyone knows someone,” Honaker said.