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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Following the shooting death of high school student Dwayne Richardson Jr., 59 News is taking a closer look at firearm safety.

NRA Firearms Instructor Herbie Atha said often times those who grew up with or around guns, like much of West Virginia, skip out on the necessary training. But regardless of whether you grew up with them or not, accidents can happen. Atha said everyone should have consistent firearms training.

“Get proper training. There’s so much to learn about it and there’s so many ramifications if an accident happens,” said Atha.

Atha said for the most part, guidelines for gun safety are common sense.

“Don’t ever point a gun at someone, don’t out my finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, things like that. But when you go to a training class, it’s all broken down for you about what could happen, why and so forth,” said Atha.

He said once a gun owner is trained, the stress of owning the gun disappears.

“People feel a lot more comfortable with their gun after they’ve had some training. They will enjoy their gun much more after training,” said Atha.

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