Healthcare providers see decline in preventative care throughout pandemic

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LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — COVID-19 took a toll on many people, from losing jobs to losing loved ones to the virus. However, healthcare providers like Chief Medical Officer at Robert C. Byrd Clinic in Lewisburg, Dr. Lauren Miller, said they have noticed a new trend since the beginning of the global pandemic stemming from research done by the CDC.

“Because of the pandemic, women especially have been wary about seeking healthcare,”
Dr. Miller said. “Often times healthcare that they think they can put off because they don’t feel sick. They don’t feel like there’s a problem.”

Dr. Miller said the point of preventative healthcare is finding the issue before it turns into a bigger problem and prevent you from developing diseases that could be devastating to your health. Some people may not understand what preventative healthcare is. Dr. Miller explains:

“Screenings for cancer such as cervical cancer or breast cancer,” Dr. Miller said. “If you’re older than the age of 50 or meet certain guidelines, screenings for Colorectal cancer. It is also doing screenings for mental health, getting well visits where you go in and talk to your doctor about based on your demographics, what preventative care can you do to get to your best health.”

Dr. Miller said one thing we now know is COVID-19 is not going away. However, your doctors office is the next safest place to be besides your own home. Especially if they are following CDC guidelines, putting preventative measures in place, and even following OSHA guidelines.

At Robert C Byrd Clinic, Dr. Miller said they have a task force working hard to increase and promote preventative care.

“One of the fears if we continue on the route we’ve been in through the pandemic is we’re going to start seeing a rise in what’s generally thought of as preventative cancers. So, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer,” Dr. Miller said.

Preventing those diseases is as simple as getting a regular checkup.

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