More people were hitting the libraries than movies in 2019

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(CNN)– In this day in age, with technology, and e-books so handy, many would think that would cause less foot traffic in local libraries’ but a new poll proves otherwise.

The Gallup Poll, stated that more people visited a library than the movies in 2019. U.S. adults reportedly took 10.5 trips to the library, and 5.3 trips to the movies.

The poll also state that people went to live music or theatrical events and national or historic parks roughly four times last year, and visited museums and casinos about 2.5 times.  The results are based on phone interviews conducted by Gallup between December 2 and 15 with a sample of 1,025 random adults.

The Gallup also reported that adults aged 18 to 29 visited the library much more frequently than older age groups. This also reflects on college students who go to the library to study.

Women reportedly visited the library nearly twice as many times as men did, and adults from low-income households reported using the library more than adults from higher-income households.

Most Americans agree that libraries are important and add value to their communities. Two-thirds of Americans say that closing their local public libraries would hurt their communities, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center report.

Recent years the organization collected data on libraries.

“Many Americans are interested in libraries offering a range of services — including those that help people improve their digital skills and learn how to determine what information is trustworthy,” the Pew reported.

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