WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVNS) — Neighbors to one home on Glen Andrew Road in White Sulphur Springs are fed up. They said the home is overrun with cans of cat food, storage bins, and there is even a burnt car sitting in the driveway.

Amelia Burns lives directly next door with her family and pets. She said the homeowner does not live on the property.

“It highly impacts. If we would ever go to sell our home, I feel a lot people would take one look at this home and second guess what they’re getting into,” Burns said.

Burns told 59News she and other neighbors reported this home several times to City Hall, the Health Department, Code Enforcement, and Mayor Bruce Bowling, but nothing is being done.

“At one point, I got a remark that there’s not a law on how many cats you have,” Burns said. “That may be the truth, but there should be a law on how much trash is piled up, and your home just falling apart, windows busted out of your home, attracting wildlife, bears. We’ve had bears in our front yard because of the homes around.”

Burns said the homeowner has more than 50 cats roaming around the property and the neighborhood.

“There is well over 50. You’ll see cats just rolling in and out of windows, out of holes. They’re just everywhere,” Burns said.

Burns added she wants something to be done about this home. She would like to see law enforcement patrol the area and fine people for having trash piled up.

“It’s a slap in the face really because we do everything that we need to do,” Burns said. “I feel that if we lived in Villa Park, if we lived on Main Street. If our homes looked like this, we would be fined until they were fixed, but nothing’s being done about this.”

59News reached out to Mayor Bruce Bowling for a statement. He said it is a work in progress, but they can not fix every home at once. He also said they demolished 40 homes in the last four years.