Oak Hill police officers help rescue litter of puppies

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Oak Hill, WV (WVNS)- Oak Hill police officers went beyond their call of duty to help some pups get out of a tight spot Monday night.

When an injured dog and her five puppies were trapped in a crawl space under a home on Virginia street, a group of Oak Hill police officers and neighbors came to the rescue.

Patrolman first class, Michael Grose, said, “By the time I got on scene there were five puppies walking around the house. The mother was in pretty bad shape but the puppies looked pretty healthy.”

It was late and Grose could not reach animal control, so he called Patrolman Tyler Hogan, who was off-duty at the time. Grose said she is animal lover so he thought she would know what to do.

“We had to crawl underneath the crawlspace of the house,” said Hogan. “The mother appeared to be seizing, she was having some issues so we had to actually drag her out from underneath the house.”

Officers rushed the mother, nicknamed “Virginia” after the street, to a nearby veterinary hospital, but it was too late. The mother died on Friday.

Still too young to be separated from their mother, the puppies were taken to the Fayette County Animal Shelter, where they were nursed back to health.

Nicole Harris, executive director at the shelter, said the puppies are adjusting well.

“No signs of sickness, playful, just big bundles of joy,” said Harris.

Bundles of joy who now have a second chance, thanks to a some local heroes who went above and beyond.

“They didn’t have to, they could have easily turned a blind eye but didn’t,” Harris said.

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