UPDATE: Tank from West Virginia American Water Company provides temporary relief for residents of Page-Kincaid

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KINCAID, WV (WVNS) May 25, 2020 6:05 p.m. UPDATE: A tank from West Virginia American Water Company finally gives people in Page-Kincaid clean drinking water. It is a temporary solution to an ongoing issue.

One week after brown, dirty water came from the Page-Kincaid Public Service District into people’s homes, it is still not safe to drink.

West Virginia Senator Stephen Baldwin was first introduced to the problems at the PSD two years ago, and is still working to get the people clean water.

“I realized what a significant issue it was… people with kids not being able to bathe their kids, not being able to do their laundry, let alone have drinking water or water to cook,” said Baldwin.

Last week, the Fayette County Office of Emergency Management brought cases of bottled water; however, with no end to the boil water advisory in sight, they recruited the help of the county commission president, Sen. Stephen Baldwin, the sheriff’s department, and the West Virginia American Water Company to bring a tank down to the people.

The water tank offers a temporary solution, but it is still not ideal for the people of Page-Kincaid. They only have a two hour window to get water.

People must bring their own clean water container and practice social distancing. Only one person can carry water containers for their household.

Benny Miller lives in Kincaid and told 59 News he is relieved to see the tank, but it is a shame that it came to this.

“It’s still a problem,” said Miller. “It’s a shame that we have to have so much charity. This is the second time that we’ve had a large amount of bottled water come in from different charities. It’s a shame that we have to be supported that way.”

Miller said it is not uncommon for his water and sewer bills to get close to $100 a month.

The state Public Service Commission is investigating the quality of water service provided by the Page-Kincaid Public Service District. Also, the Fayette County Commission is considering the removal of the PSD board members after years of issues with the water.

People like Miller, as well as county commissioners, hope the investigation leads to the water company taking over Page-Kincaid, by forcing the public service district to cooperate. 

KINCAID, WV (WVNS) — May 19, 2020 6:23 p.m. ORIGINAL People in one Fayette County community are dealing with dirty water, and town leaders claim vandalism is the cause of it.

On Sunday, May 17, 2020 people in the Page-Kincaid area noticed dirty, brown water coming out of their faucets. Benny Miller said the water was clear when he got in the shower, but half way through he realized he was bathing in brown water.

“It had been tainted for the last few weeks, but not serious,” said Miller. “But Sunday night it turned horrible as I was trying to shower.”

He said at the same time, his neighbor was washing a load of whites and they all came out brown.

Barton Jackson is the General Manager of Page Kincaid PSD. He said this issue was the result of vandalism. He claimed people cut the brass fittings off the pipes and stole them. We confirmed this was not reported to law enforcement.

“It just let the water fly,” said Jackson. “It dropped the main tank levels, plus we had a couple of other leaks that we found after that.”

This caused sediment to drain into the water system. The tanks have to fill back up before they can flush the dirt out of the lines.

In the meantime, emergency services delivered bottled water to the community, since they are under a boil water advisory until further notice.

Miller said the community dealt with dirty water on and off for years, and he is frustrated.

“We started having bad water three years ago or more and its been up and down ever since,” said Miller. “We went through a long stretch of bad water and everybody here had to buy drinking water for sometime. I won’t drink it now.”

Jackson said ongoing issues with dirty water are due to the failing filters which they are working to replace, but locals like Miller said they want a permanent solution that will not raise their rates, and their calling on their government for help.

Jackson said WV American Water wanted to take over the PSD, but they declined. Miller said he believes if American Water were to take over, it would resolve a lot of issues.

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