Sheriff’s Department cracking down on speeders in Summers County

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NIMITZ, WV (WVNS) — Speed limits are set on roads for a reason, but some are not obeying those posted limits. That is why the Summers County Sheriff’s Department is cracking down on speeders in the county.

“We have young families in our neighborhoods with the warm weather coming people are out walking and children riding their bikes, folks out of horses and we just like for people to be safe,” Beverly Ballengee said.

Beverly Ballengee lives in Nimitz. She said she wants to raise awareness about how fast people drive through her neighborhood. We are all guilty of going two or ten miles over the speed limit, but in Summers County, it has become a big problem and law enforcement is cracking down.

“We really want to get out and set the presences now, set the tone now hey we are not going to tolerate reckless driving or speeding it through these neighborhoods,” Sheriff Faris continued.

Sheriff Faris is hoping to make a change in several neighborhoods in summers county, all with the help of radar which can even track a drivers speed while deputies are driving.

“We have really upped our patrols in that area and we are really looking for speeders, but we are pulling other people for other traffic offenses as well,” Sheriff Faris stated.

While riding along with Sheriff Faris, 59News was able to catch two drivers who were speeding down route 20. Speeding is a habit that can be deadly for both people and even man’s best friend.

“It’s been several years back, we had a young dog hit back it was our dog in front of our house. The driver skidded 66 feet. And it was tragic and we love the dog, but would be more tragic if it was a child,” Ballengee continued.

Sheriff Faris also said if you have any issues or complaints you can reach the office at 304-466-7115.

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