FAIRLEA, WV (WVNS) — Connie Moore is a name our meteorologists know very well. Not just our current weather team but going back to the likes of Chief Meteorologist Heidi Moore, Meteorologist Mike Slifer, Zach Guion, and so on. At the State Fair of West Virginia on Wednesday, Connie pressured Meteorologist Bradley Wells for a winter weather preview.

Connie has pleaded, begged, and downright bullied our weather team every winter for years wanting, wishing, ordering us for that big snow. At the State Fair of West Virginia, on an 80-degree August day no less, she finally took her tactics to a new level by taking the forecast into her own hands.

She has been a staple in the StormTracker 59 Weather Lab for being a self-proclaimed “Snow Smurf” with a snow dance, Christmas music in July, blizzard wishing super fan of the winter weather. So, on Wednesday, we gave her a shot as reporter for a day to find out who else wants a snowy winter.

Connie must have a keen sense of fellow snow lovers as right off the bat she found Barbara Willard enjoying an ice cream cone under a tree and asked how much snow she wanted this winter. Barbara replied with a sassy tone, “Two feet!” The verbally excited Connie beamed with pride.

Barbara Willard boasts she wants two feet of snow this winter

However, it didn’t take long for Connie to run into some opposition to her love of snow.

While Connie has been looking for that big snow, the Farmer’s Almanac may hold some long-awaited good news for our Snow Smurf. A long and snowy winter lie ahead. And there may be some truth to that if folk lore is any indication.

Corn can be an indicator of a snowy winter if its husk is thick and tightly wrapped. So, we checked in with Derek Porter owner of Cowboy Daniel’s Corn Stand for a hint:

“The corn we got this year is really tightly packed corn. Nice bi-colored with really juicy kernels. But it feels like it’s pretty tight in there.”

Derek Porter – Cowboy Daniel’s Corn Stand Owner

There is also the saying that “If the first week in August is unusually warm, snow and long winter ahead.” Well, that is exactly what we had.

Don’t forget for every fog in August a snowfall in winter expected. Another good sign for the Snow Smurf so far.

Then there is the “Warm October, Cold February” lure. Again, indications are in favor a very warm October.

For the scientifically inclined, a strong El Nino can bring heavy snows several times over for our region, and well…A strong El Nino pattern looks 60% certain for December-February according to the NOAA’s Climate.gov.

I guess we’ll just have to wait on those Woolly Worms for verification.

Bottom line, it looks like Connie and her fellow snow lovers at the fair may just get exactly what they want this year with a snowy and cold winter if folklore is the only forecasting tool.

Which hopefully means our meteorologists will be spared from the wrath of our beloved snow Smurf this winter.

However, diplomatically we have to add, long range forecast have a tendency to change so folklore or not, we’ll just have to “wait and see.”