CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — As remnants of Hurricane Ian approaches the Mountain State, It’s important to know how to prepare for such remnants that may hit and what some other companies are doing to prevent this crisis.

Phil Moye, the Spokesman for Appalachian Electric Power had a statement to make when talking about what the company is doing for this tropical storm.

“Some of our AEP sister companies from Ohio and Indiana are already on their way to help in Florida, and of course our priority with Appalachian Power is to make sure we’re here. If we see remnants of that storm come and cause damage in our area, we want to make sure that our own customers are being taken care of first before we commit our employees to go help in Florida, and that’s really what we’re doing,” said Phil Moye.

Moye also says to practice the proper precautions as with any storm or State of Emergency.