Editor’s Note: This story previously stated that Cafego’s family said he became ill while at Southern Regional Jail. This is incorrect. According to Cafego’s family, he was battling mental illness before he was put into SRJ custody. This story has been edited with this information.

BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — Another inmate in the care of Southern Regional Jail has died.

Officials with the Fayette County Magistrate’s Office and West Virginia Department of Homeland Security confirmed the death of 45-year-old Scotty Alan Cafego, 45, of Hico in Fayette County.

According to Cafego’s family, he was battling mental illness when he was put into Southern Regional Jail.

A spokesperson for the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security confirmed Cafego became ill at the jail and was transported to a local hospital.

State officials said SRJ staff tried to revive Cafego before transporting him.

The family said Cafego was transported from SRJ to Beckley ARH Hospital for treatment. The family said he was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center, at his family’s insistence, where he died at 8:40 a.m on Monday, August 28, 2023, while in intensive care.

Court records show he had spent less than 48 hours in the jail, prior to being transported for medical care.

Cafego’s exact cause of death remains unclear and has not been released.

His stepdaughter, Alexis Wood, said Cafego suffered occasional bouts of paranoia, which she said her family attributed to Cafego suffering carbon monoxide poisoning, years earlier.

She said the family has not yet been provided with Cafego’s medical records at Southern Regional Jail but believes intake counselors at Southern Regional Jail should have evaluated Cafego’s mental health when he entered the jail.

Cafego was originally being held at SRJ for four counts of Battery on a law enforcement officer, one count of attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer, and one count of obstruction. Those charges have since been dismissed, due to Cafego’s death.

According to a criminal complaint, he allegedly called 911 in an emotional state to say a family member was mistreating him and then attacked officers who responded.

He also attacked officers who were transporting him to jail, the complaint alleges.

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